The School of Contemporary Social Sciences offers the following academic programs:

Bachelor degree academic programs (in Russian) – 4 years

“Sociology”, “Personnel Management” and “Management”


The academic program “Sociology” combines fundamental classical education on sociology and special training on such modern scientific interdisciplinary directions as Sociology of Knowledge, Knowledge Economy, Social Analytics and Social Technologies. The bachelor academic program contains modern training courses worked out by the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences and by the professors and tutors of Lomonosov MSU.

The academic program provides research students with a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research method skills relevant across the social sciences. The program enables graduates to acquire a good understanding of the theoretical and practical foundations of sociology. Graduates should have in-depth knowledge of carrying out both fundamental and applied research, of analyzing development trends and tendencies of social, economic and political processes (both global and local); to acquire high professional competence in measuring social reality, applying various methodologies of social construction and forecasting;

Graduates of the program are provided with the opportunity to go on to integrative master academic program “Sociology of Knowledge and Social Analytics”.

Graduates go into a wide range of professions. The most popular of these are state and commerce analytical centres, sociological holdings, consulting and marketing companies, personnel offices, national and local governmental and non-governmental organizations (both national and international), and research-based careers of all kinds.



The academic program “Personnel Management” is aimed to prepare specialists skilled in management, entrepreneurship, information and analytics and capable of coping with a wide range of tasks and challenges in the modern highly competitive environment. It enables graduates to effectively deal with human capital issues confronting modern society contributing to elaborating policy and creating personnel management programs, realizing personnel management strategies both in commercial and state organizations.

Graduates enter a broad range of professions working as personnel managers, HR analysts, HR recruitment specialists, heads of personnel training centres and recruitment agencies, management consultants etc.

Graduates of the program are provided with the opportunity to go on to an integrative master academic program “Human Resources and Labour Market Management”.



The academic program “Management” was elaborated to meet the demands of the state for qualified specialists provided with fundamental classical university education on management and modern educational theoretical and practical management courses.

The program provides graduates with a whole range of professional skills enabling them to acquire theoretical fundamental knowledge in management. It provides a solid grounding in theoretical approaches, forecasting and system analysis of main trends and specific situations in both general and functional management. Professional disciplines are based on advanced foreign and Russian management practices. Special attention is given to specialized applied subjects, foreign languages and information technologies.

Graduates enter a wide spectrum of careers: various economic structures, federal, regional, municipal governmental authorities, scientific and practical areas requiring professional management education. Graduates have an opportunity to go on to master academic program.